Operation Sahaaya Project | Response to COVID 19

Operation Sahaaya Project | Response to COVID 19


Nirmaan Organization is ready to make a humble contribution to the COVID 19 situation. This project is designed to complement the action plan of State Government of Telangana and Community felt Needs.


Nirmaan Organization - Operation Sahaaya Project

Fundraiser Name

Operation Sahaaya Project

Fundraiser Organized By

Nirmaan Organization

Project Operational States

Telangana and Chhattisgarh

Official Website

Nirmaan Official Website


Make an Online Donation

  • Sponsor one or more 'Protection Kits for Sanitation Worker/ Health Worker' for Rs. 1243/- each.
  • Sponsor one or more 'Ration & Hygiene Kits' for Daily Wage Workers and Small Tribal Farmers for Rs. 1244/- each.
  • Sponsor one or more 'Thermal Guns for Screening for Rs. 5830/- each'



Corporate CSR

We appeal you to refer us Corporate CSRs who can sponsor the above needs in the first section, and/or address larger requirements like,

  • Sponsoring one or more Ventilators at a Govt Hospital.
  • Sponsoring one or more Screening Kiosks, which includes the Thermal Screening Unit, Handheld Tehrmal Guns & Crucial Consumables Kit for One Month.


Contribute your time for Online Volunteering

  • Communication Volunteering 
  • Technology Volunteering


Friends, Team Nirmaan is ready to make a humble contribution to the COVID 19 situation. Let's join hands! If interested, please let us know.

Operation Sahaaya (1.0) During 2009 Floods, we together adopted one village in Andhra Pradesh. (2.0) During 2014 HUDHUD Cyclone, we adopted five fishing villages near Vizag and gave fishing nets (3.0) During 2018 Kerala Floods, we developed with 10 govt schools in Ernakulam & Thrissur districts.

Now, it's fourth (4.0) edition of Project Operation Sahaaya. A global pandemic, let's show that our human race will win with our indomitable spirit.


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Help Desk

Nirmaan Organization - Help Desk

Phone Support

Whats App:

  Number 1: 7702958084

  Number 2: 7093001514





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