About Us

SPNotifier.com, born in the year 2018, is a product of I Tools Info Pvt Ltd, and a one-stop destination for various notifications ranging from employment opportunities to college admission tests to events, conferences, workshops, seminars, symposiums, tradeshows, and so forth. Our primary motive is to empower the student population by providing them with a list of informed choices in various arenas. We strongly believe in our continued efforts to create an enhanced ecosystem for our users to be able to explore distinctive learning opportunities in the form of jobs, events, conferences etc. We specifically endeavor to bridge the gap between traditional education and the industry requirements by creating a platform where different entities can interact with each other to be able to create an enhanced eco-framework.

SPNotifier.com has job listings across all fields including management, BPO, Engineering, Medical and so forth. Users can search for the latest jobs and can apply to their desired jobs based on their qualifications and skill sets and fields of expertise. To be able to have increased chances of selection, job seekers can enhance their skill sets by attending various events including conferences, symposiums, workshops, and so forth listed on SPNotifier.com. The different events listed on SPNotifier. com will enable the student population to understand and be prepared for the current trends and requirements of the industry of their choice. SPNotifier is thus committed to build a holistic eco-system primarily for the student population for enhanced and superior learning experience.

SPNotifier.com in tandem with our product SPLessons.com provides access to high-quality preparation & practice material while keeping updated with all relevant notifications and details. Currently, we are focused on our user base in India.